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XR initial TS commands
  XR initial TS commands
admin show install active sum
admin show platform
admin show platform summary location all
admin show inventory
admin show inventory rack
admin show diag
admin show hw-module fpd location all
show run
show log
show proc blocked location all
show pfm location all
show logging events buffer bistate-alarms-set
show redundancy
show memory summary location all
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Multicast (mcast) checking commands
  Multicast (mcast) checking commands
show pim group-map
show igmp groups (interface)

show pim vrf () nei
show pim rpf (source)

show mrib route (multicast group IP) detail
sh pim topo
show mfib route (multicast group IP) detail
show mfib hardware route det (multicast group IP) location ()
show mfib hardware route olist detail (multicast group IP) location ()
Sh tech multicast group (multicast group IP)
Sh tech multicast hardware group (multicast group IP)

More examples:

show pim vrf A top
show mrib vrf A route
show mfib vrf A route
show pim vrf A traffic | i Assert
sh int g0/0/0/0 | i mul

show pim vrf A traffic
show pim vrf A mdt interface

show pim vrf A mdt ?

clear mfib vrf A counter
show mfib vrf A counter

join on some egress interface to ping it and check counters:
router igmp
vrf A
interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0/0.60

R5#ping rep 100 timeout 0
Sending 100, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 0 seconds:
RP/0/0/CPU0:XR6PE6#sh int g0/0/0/0 | i mul
Received 0 broadcast packets, 111 multicast packets
Output 0 broadcast packets, 106 multicast packets

default mdt interface
show pim vrf A mdt int

check counters on all peers of default mdt:
show mrib route
show mfib route
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